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Proper Lice Treatment in Chicago: Dispelling Myths on Creepy Crawlies

  • Proper Lice Treatment in Chicago: Dispelling Myths on Creepy Crawlies

  • The memory of some of the horrible winters we’ve had in Chicago locals’ mind, and there’s no doubt they are bracing for another brutal cold winter. Unfortunately, below-zero temperatures are not the only worries for them this year. The Patch.com staff says that locals should also be prepared from an invasion of creepy crawlies this winter:

    With winter being a particularly active time for outbreaks, thanks primarily to extra clothing like hats and coats providing a convenient way for bugs to spread, we bring you some tips to help you survive an outbreak without losing your mind.

    Lice ( Pediculus capitis), tiny insects about the size of a sesame seed, are hardy creatures. Lice need warm hosts to feed and reproduce. Lice are parasitic bugs that live only off of the blood of humans and not on dogs or cats.

    The key to winning the battle over these parasitic insects is relying on effective techniques for lice treatment in Chicago, courtesy of head lice removal specialists like TheLicePros.com. For optimum results, however, parents must keep an open mind and learn how to separate fact from fiction. Here are the truths on the common myths about head lice:

    It’s not an issue of personal hygiene

    The belief that kids who do not observe good habits of personal hygiene are most susceptible to head lice infestation is merely an old wives’ tale. This myth was recently disputed by Dr. Andrew Bonwit of Loyola University Health System in Illinois. Like any parasites, head lice are after a quick meal, and it doesn’t matter whether the source is clean or dirty.

    Head lice can’t jump or fly from person to person

    Most people believe that head lice actively flies or jumps from one head to another—they don’t. A kid can’t get head lice merely by seating next to one who has. There must be head-to-head contact for him or her to get the infectious disease. Another means of transfer is when hats or combs are shared.

    Getting a haircut can get rid of creepy crawlies

    These parasitic insects feed on blood and thrive on the human scalp for warmth. No matter how short the kid’s hair is chopped off, it’s not going to help get rid of the head lice. Chicago lice removal service is the only way to bid the creepy crawlies goodbye.

    The sight of creepy crawlies brings fear to many—and for good reason. Still, locals have no reason to fear if only they rely on the right head lice treatment partner and apply good common sense.

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