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  • In search of non chemical head lice removal? At Midwest Lice Specialists, we cater to Tinley Park residents in Illinois, providing a one and done head lice removal solution that is revolutionary, and allows you to get rid of the pesky little buggers with one treatment. We know that for both children and adults, lice can be embarrassing – not to mention the intense itching you experience on the head, neck, and even ears. With traditional head lice treatment solutions of the past, complete removal often required more than one application of a chemical/shampoo designed to eliminate the pests. Now, you can experience relief immediately!

    Every year in the U.S., millions of children suffer head lice infestation. In the past, lice treatment and solutions involved the use of products containing pesticides, a harsh (and often ineffective) way to treat the condition. Today, the problem has only become more serious as children and teens often partake in “selfies,” the practice of taking photos using a cell phone, often with friends/family included in the photo. The problem lies in the fact that in most of these pictures, heads are touching – and thus, the problem of head lice has increased. In your effort to remove lice, you may have considered head lice shampoo or other head lice removal products.

  • Our technique, process, and treatment is a one treatment lice solution that virtually kills the pests and their eggs/nits in one simple treatment. Essentially, using controlled heat in a timed pattern will rid you or your child of the infestation easily and efficiently, the entire process taking about 60 – 90 minutes. No shampooing involved, this highly effective method essentially dries out lice, killing them on the spot.

    Safe head lice removal is possible today so that you or your child can get rid of the pests for good, and get on with your day. No more embarrassment or itching! Call Midwest Lice Specialists at 855-542-3776 and learn more about our guaranteed treatment today.