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  • Fast, Effective and Affordable Lice Removal

  • At The Lice Pros our head lice clinic delivers the exceptional results those who live in the Frankfort, IL area expect and deserve. As professionals who deal with those pesky critters every day, we know all too well how frustrating it is for not only those infested, but parents as well. If you are looking for head lice removal that will make it possible for you to move on with your life sooner rather than later, look no further! We have your back.

    Children and teens are usually the ones who need lice treatment, but adults can become victims as well. Considering school, summer camp, after school sports and activities, and sleepovers, youngsters are often in crowded environments which make them easier targets. The more people you are around, the greater the likelihood that someone may have head lice. Just a touch of heads, or sharing a comb/brush and BAM – your child now has bugs that will rapidly multiply. Even worse, if not treated right away it could easily spread to other members of your family. Our lice removal process is quick and super effective.

    You can find several head lice treatment products in drugstores and on the shelves in retail stores, but you may want to think twice before using them on your child or yourself. These products typically contain pesticides and other harsh chemicals, and require repeat applications which can be messy. Even then, it is difficult to remove every last louse and nit (egg) when you are not a professional. Do you really want to go through the hassle of dealing with head lice for weeks? Add to that the fact these products can be damaging to the hair, and it just makes sense to choose our head lice clinic to take care of the problem.

    Best Prices in the Area

    Our head lice removal process involves a thorough comb-out using natural, non-toxic products that contain no pesticides or potentially dangerous ingredients. We also use heated air which essentially “dries out” those pesky critters and their nits. With services designed to work with any budget, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing

  • those bugs are gone once and for all. In just 30 to 90 minutes depending on hair length/thickness and severity of infestation, you or your child will be in, out, and on your way, no repeat applications necessary when we perform the process.

    Dealing with an infestation is frustrating, to say the least. Kids are often embarrassed when they are pulled out of school, and the itching can be maddening. It is a very uncomfortable situation. Why put your family under unnecessary stress when our highly trained technicians offer head lice treatment in a comfortable, friendly environment? If someone in your household has an infestation we urge you to contact our Frankfort, IL head lice clinic now at 815-412-5108.


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