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  • Lice Removal Process

    At The Lice Pros, we pride ourselves on our ability to remove lice in one easy treatment. Our Done in One Treatment is a 6 step process as follows:
    1) We do a dry comb through to remove as many live bugs as possible
    2) We use a natural enzyme to wet the hair. This step helps break down the eggs which makes combing them out easier.
    3) We section hair and do a full comb out
    4) We do a heated air process to desiccate eggs and any remaining bugs
    5) We do an exclusive oil treatment to nourish and protect the scalp
    6) We do a final comb through to ensure you are LICE FREE!!
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    If you are looking for a safe and fast solution to lice and nit problems, we have exactly what you need. TheLicePros.com is a trusted authority in Lice Treatment and Nit Removal.

    TheLicePros.com Advantage

    Safe. Instead of having to rely on head lice treatment medications that may contain harmful chemicals and pesticides, you can experience the benefits of a more natural way of treatment in the form of heated air.

    Highly Effective. Other traditional pesticide-based lice control methods perform poorly in killing nits or lice eggs and usually involve repeated treatments.

    Fast. Forget about having long absences from school or work because of lice removal treatments. With our process, all you need is an hour of treatment. All you need to do is to make sure that hair is dry, untangled, and free of hair treatment products before the lice and nit removal process.

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    Our highly skilled professionals have received specialized training in lice removal. With TheLicePros.com, you can be sure that the treatment is delivered as safely and successfully as possible. Get in touch with us at 1-855-LicePro to schedule an appointment.

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