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  • If you are searching for head lice treatment that’s effective and pesticide-free, you can rely on the team of professionals at Midwest Lice Specialists. Catering to clients in Palos Heights, Palos Hills, and Palos Park, Illinois, we provide a proven process you are going to love. To remove lice, many parents count on products that contain potentially dangerous chemicals, and require repeated applications; even then, the results aren’t guaranteed! Our one time treatment process will have you and your child smiling again.

    Infestations spread easily from one person to another, particularly among children who often share combs, brushes, and other hair accessories. Children and teens with access to cell phones often take “selfies,” photos in which their heads are touching. If one person has head lice, chances are the other will in no time at all. The itching, pain, embarrassment – and the hassle! Our one and done process is the solution you can trust to eliminate those pesky buggers, once and for all.

  • Our non-chemical head lice removal process has been proven to be successful on both children and adults. Our technique kills lice and their nits (eggs) on the spot! Why shouldn’t you use over the counter remedies? Lice have evolved over the years and built up a resistance to these products. Call us and we will kill those little buggers that have your child scratching relentlessly.

    Head lice shampoo available in many stores simply don’t do the trick – and the process is a real hassle, not to mention messy. Our safe head lice solutions make it possible for you to come in to our facility, spend about an hour or so and be done! We also offer our own line of Cootie Control Products to treat your home and prevent recurrence! We know how to get rid of lice, so your family can get back on with life. Contact us today at 855-542-3776.