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  • While children and teens are more susceptible to head lice, anyone can be the victim of an infestation. At Midwest Lice Specialists, we provide non-chemical head lice removal for clients in Crown Point, Indiana and surrounding areas in search of a one and done solution that will finally put an end to the itching, irritation, and embarrassment. Head lice shampoo and other products designed to eliminate lice and their nits often contain harsh chemicals and even pesticides, something you absolutely want to avoid for your child.

    Head lice is just as common today as it was decades ago; the condition often spreads at school, where children may share hair accessories or brushes, combs, etc. Many pre-teens and teens also engage in the common practice of taking “selfies” in which those in the picture are touching heads (these “selfies” are often posted on social media sites). Our head lice treatment involves the use of a device that kills lice and their eggs with a single treatment. If you have wondered how to get rid of lice with a one time treatment or if there even is such a thing, there is.

  • Using safe, chemical free techniques that have proven to be successful, we will solve your problem once and for all. In most cases, all that is required is that the person receiving our safe head lice treatment come into our clinic for a process that takes about an hour to an hour thirty minutes. No messy (and potentially dangerous) chemicals, no repeated applications of products, no hassle. Nothing could be safer, or easier.

    Our one treatment lice solution is the answer you’ve been looking for! Forget head lice removal that involves pesticides and that in most cases, don’t deliver the results you expect. Put an end to the misery and embarrassment today by calling Midwest Lice Specialists at 855-542-3776 today.