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  • Head Lice Removal – Joliet IL Area

    Find Out Why Moms Trust Us

  • At Midwest Lice Specialists we cater to Joliet residents and know how to get rid of lice without using harsh chemicals and pesticides frequently found in prescription and over-the-counter products. When you suspect your child (or even yourself) has head lice, it’s stressful and frustrating. You worry those pesky bugs will spread to other members of your family, and about everything in your home the infected person’s head may touch. Not to worry, we provide safe head lice treatment you can trust to get rid of those critters with a single treatment!

    Lice and their nits (eggs) are bothersome, to say the least. They interrupt your life, your schedule, and even get your child sent home from school. Children and teens are especially susceptible because of the crowded environments they’re in whether at school, summer camp, sports activities, etc. Our non-chemical lice solutions are proven effective, and trusted by pediatricians, schools, and camps. Instead of using pesticides and other dangerous chemicals, we use natural enzymes that those nasty bugs find offensive in combination with a drying process and professional comb-out technique. Our technicians are highly trained so you can rest assured that when you leave our clinic, those bugs are completely gone.

  • When it comes to a pediculus humanus capitis infestation, nothing compares to natural lice treatment for results. No harsh chemicals to damage hair, a gentle process, and one that’s guaranteed and performed in a relaxed environment. Why go through the hassle of using those messy (and in most cases ineffective) OTC products that require repeat applications? When you want to get rid of lice, trust our team to go beyond your expectations. If you’re in the Joliet area, get rid of what bugs you now! Call Midwest Lice Specialists at 855-542-3776 to learn more or schedule an appointment.