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  • At Midwest Lice Specialists we know many parents wonder how to get rid of lice. What is the most effective treatment, and should you use products designed to eradicate those pesky bugs found on store shelves? We cater to those in Dyer who are looking for a solution that’s gentle, effective, and does not involve the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides. Most prescription products and those sold OTC contain potentially dangerous ingredients. We believe in a natural approach, as do many of our clients including schools and camps!

    Non-chemical head lice solutions have grown in popularity in recent years because they work and are safe for use on children, the ones who are more prone to a pediculus humanus capitis infestation. Even pediatricians recommend this type of treatment, which involves the use of natural enzymes and organic ingredients that are completely safe along with a professional comb-out process. In fact, a single treatment will leave your child or yourself completely free of those irritating critters and their nits! Depending on hair length and severity of infestation, our safe head lice treatment typically only requires about 30 minutes to an hour of your time.

  • Children and teens are highly susceptible to this condition which is natural, considering they spend so much time in school, at camp, participating in sports and other activities where lots of kids congregate. Using another person’s brush or comb, or even touching heads while taking a “selfie” can result in the spread of those nasty bugs. Our natural head lice treatment works, guaranteed – and you enjoy peace of mind knowing it’s safe and gentle. We invite those in Dyer and surrounding areas to contact Midwest Lice Specialists now at 855-542-3776, and say “good riddance!”