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  • At Midwest Lice Specialists we know the first question you will have when you find your child has a pediculus humanus capitis infestation is how to get rid of lice. Thankfully, we have the answers! If you’re in the Lockport area and in search of non-chemical head lice solutions you can trust, you have come to the right place. We know how effective a natural approach is, and never use products containing pesticides, insecticides, or other dangerous ingredients commonly found in most OTC products.

    Remember those products available on store shelves years ago designed to get rid of lice? Messy, a huge hassle, and repeat applications – not to mention you weren’t guaranteed results and the ingredients are harsh. These same products are available today, however many strains of lice have become immune to the active (and potentially dangerous) ingredients. Our safe head lice treatment involves the use of natural enzymes, a professional comb-out, and other techniques depending on the service you choose. Safe and gentle to the hair, it’s the only way to go! Our facility provides comfortable surroundings and a pain-free process.

  • Children and teens can become victims of those pesky bugs, but adults are not immune! Those critters simply want a host, and don’t care whether you’re a child or adult. All it takes to spread an infestation from one person to another is the sharing of hair combs or accessories or the touching of heads. Sure it’s super frustrating and uncomfortable, but you don’t have to live with head lice for a moment longer than it takes to undergo our natural lice treatment! If you’re in the Lockport area trust Midwest Lice Specialists for safe, gentle solutions that are guaranteed and take only about 30 minutes to an hour of your time. Call us now at 855-542-3776!