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Facts on Lice Removal in Chicago—From Detection to Effective Treatment

August 18, 2016

Is your child scratching his head because he’s confused about something—or is he suffering from a lice infestation that you’ll have to deal with immediately? Itching is the most tell-tale sign that lice have taken over your little one’s noggin, but itchiness may not be felt right away as there could be no symptoms for up to 6 weeks after they get lice.

Finding the Creepy Crawlers

Before calling on reliable providers of Chicago lice treatment services, such as those from TheLicePros.com, first verify that your child does indeed have lice. Start by identifying the presence of other symptoms, including a tickling or feeling that something is moving on the head, sores or redness on the scalp due to frequent scratching, difficulty sleeping, irritability, and red bumps on the head and neck area. Of course, nothing beats a visual inspection where you’ll have to use a fine-toothed comb to part your child’s hair and then check for small white spots in the hair, which are “nits” or lice eggs, and the actual nymphs or adult lice.

The Itchy Statistics

If you confirm that your child has lice, there’s no need to worry. With approximately 6 to 12 million cases of head lice infestation in the U.S. each year among children 3 to 11 years old, you’ll definitely won’t run out of effective methods for lice removal in Chicago.

Modern and Effective Treatment

Back when pediculicides didn’t exist yet, people had no choice but to use their hands to remove lice from hair. Then pediculicides entered the picture; however, the harsh or strong chemicals used as ingredients made parents hesitant on using them for their kids. Fortunately, recent innovations in the treatment of head lice infestation no longer present serious health risks while being remarkably effective in eradicating pesky bloodsuckers.

These days, there are affordable, non-toxic shampoos and conditioners that efficiently kill lice. Then again, a new treatment method utilizing controlled heated air is providing people with another quick and successful solution. Such hot air treatments (similar to a hair dryer) are usually only done once, thereby saving both parents and children considerable time and effort. In fact, if you have a busy schedule, a number of lice treatment specialists could even go to your home and carry out the treatment there.

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